Get a fresh start by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Do you want to work with a bankruptcy lawyer who can give you the personalized attention that your case merits? Law Offices of Sean I. Koplow can get you out of the mountain of debt you are under, Filing the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case will stop all debt collection activities immediately and provides you option to eliminate your debt.

You can prevent foreclosure on your home, and keep many of your assets. Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers you a fresh start to rebuild your finances.


Never try to face your problems alone

Bankruptcy is a situation that requires the assistance and guidance of a skilled, knowledgeable attorney. We will explain the laws, evaluate your case and help you determine the most beneficial plan of action.


We provide a variety of legal services

  • Analyze your debt

  • Determine your property exemptions

  • Assure your eligibility

  • Reaffirm your secured debts

  • Assist you with the filing of necessary Chapter 7 forms


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We can help you get out of debt by exploring options such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We serve clients who have been threatened with foreclosure or need debt relief assistance. We are a licensed and insured company.