Over 22 years of practice in bankruptcy law

Sean has been practicing bankruptcy law for over 22 years. He has helped thousands of people just like you to successfully complete the bankruptcy process and begin their lives anew. He has gained a reputation for helping the underdog and those who are at the mercy of circumstances and the economy.


Doctorate in law

Sean graduated from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York and received his Doctorate in Law from Brooklyn Law School in 1993, immediately going into practice in New York, where he still maintains an office.


Helping individuals in difficult situations

"Moving down here to Florida, I felt that the biggest impact I could make would be to practice consumer law. In bankruptcy you can really appreciate what can be done and I enjoy helping individuals in difficult situations. In this area of law, you can actually see people's faces brighten and they suddenly have the ability to just exhale again."


Every case is different

"I like to take off the attorney costume, because I'm just like the average guy. Just because I have a degree on my wall doesn't mean that I'm any different from the regular guy --- We all know what it's like to struggle and go through hard times. Every case is different, but being able to help everything work out for my clients, that's what I take away from it.